Best joint treatment and orthopaedic doctor in Delhi NCR

The Orthopaedic and the joint problems are generally occurring in the body of senior age person as well as the person related to the sports activities. Sometime the problems occur in a normal person due to sudden jerks, fractures and sudden injuries. The orthopaedic problems may be generally the problem in the musculoskeletal system min the body. There may be a sudden break of ligaments, fractures, joint dislocation, tendons, muscle fiber problems, nerves coordination to the body movements and the inactive working of any body part serves motion like knee joints, hand joints, shoulder joint, femur joint with hip bones, skeletal structure, spine coordination, wrist attachment joints, elbow joints, anklet joints and other so many joints which serves motion of the bones in attachment with the ligaments and the muscle fibers.
The arthritis related problems can cause the pain and the inactive motion of the body parts serves motion in the coordination with the ligaments and muscle. The diagnosis of these problems must be done as early as possible because there is a possibility of getting worst effects due to these problems. There are various treatments of these problems and these are depends upon the nature of problems occurs in the joints. The diagnosis must be done by the specialists of Orthopaedics. I like to introduce Dr Ramneek Mahajan, who is among the top Orthopaedic doctor in Delhi NCR. Currently he is working as the Director in the Max super specialty hospital in the Saket, New Delhi and as the specialist in the Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in Mahajan’s Hip & Knee Centre, Wellness Diagnostics located at the A-28 in Kailash Colony in New Delhi (110048.) He has successfully performed more than 2500 successful joint replacement surgery. About 500 surgeries have been performed by Doctor Ramneek Mahajan in the year 2015 which is a huge value in itself. He has performed more than 10,000 of successful other surgeries.
Dr Ramneek Mahajan is well known for the total knee replacement, total hip replacement, shoulder replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, spine surgery, minimally invasive surgery and Orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi. The diagnosis of total knee replacement, total hip replacement and shoulder replacement is depending upon the level of arthritis. Worst conditions can result in the partial and the total replacement of the joint. The artificial setups fitted inside the bones to cooperate in the motion as the normal moment joints. Sometimes the whole part of the joint has been replaced which is called as the total replacement of joints.
The Arthroscopic surgery includes the treatment of various joints other than the few discussed above. The instruments are inserted in the body by making small cuts for the proper detection of problems. The video and pictures are taken of the inner parts. The analysis is done on the basis of the results in the reports. Spine surgery is related to the treatment of problems in the backbone. The dislocation, improper moment or the improper working of the backbone, cracking, Slipping of disc and the disc fracture need to be diagnosed by the surgery.
The minimally invasive surgery is the surgery which is done with the minimum incisions. These procedures are performed through tiny incisions instead of one large opening. Because the incisions are small, patients tend to have quicker recovery times and less discomfort than with conventional surgery. These are the modern based surgery, which is common in these days. The contact details of Dr Ramneek Mahajan are
Phone: +91-98119-39693 / +91-98687-10877
Hospital Timing and Details
Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital (A Unit of Max Healthcare)
1, 2, Press Enclave Road, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017
Mahajan’s Hip & Knee Centre, Wellness Diagnostics
A-28, Kailash Colony, New Delhi (110048.)

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