Intermediate Level

It is very nice to understand what Intermediate Level is. It is the level in which students learn using rules of GRAMMAR what they are taught in basic level.In intermediate level students learn how to walk in english moreover it is said by people if a person has come to know how to walk for sure that person will run sooner or later.Here we have debate classes, presentation classes,role plays and group discussions.In addition grammar is taught according to students’ weaknesses which is very much effective to learn english quickly without wasting time. N.I.E.V EDUCATION has designed intermediate level session nicely and comprehensively perfect that encourages students towards english therefore we have English Classes in TRILOK PURI which is based on practical more than theoretical.
HERE we need to understand one thing that some people have this misconception about english learning that it comes by speaking no need to be taught grammar but fact is that grammar plays very important role to speak hence, Niev has special project in which we teach systemically.It makes NIEV stands best english institute in patparganj .

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