Spoken English

Before writing this article I thought many times what i should write and why readers would read this article then keeping in mind so many things i penned the article regarding speaking English why it has been very eminent part of our lives because this world is growing so fast therefore we need to interact with one another we do not know the language of other countries generally in this case one medium is left that is english. in addition i believe english is the second language of the world suppose we meet an italian that italian does not know our language we do not know that italian language but we may know english ,
we can share our thoughts and feelings if either of us does not know english then it is difficult to converse with each other hence we will have to learn english one more thing i have in my mind everyone wants to learn english but no one wants to give time to learn this beautiful and powerful language which takes time to be learned and taught.like everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die if we are from hindi medium how we can learn english in 3 months 90 hours or 45 days classes it is not fact NIEV EDUCATION has best spoken english classes where fake commitment is not made.

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